Ken Maiden - SMEDG Poet Laureate toasts the Speakers


We’ve had a day that’s sublime

So I won’t take up much of your time

When I’ve finished up here

You can go for a beer

But first let me read you a rhyme



Craig Stegman, Rio Tinto.  Near-mine exploration in the Cobar Goldfield  -  Making use of our greatest Asset. 


Craig Stegman first started the session

And his talk made quite an impression

As he said the Peak Shear

Has provided good cheer

Based on a hunch and obsession



Bruce Hooper, Straits Resources.  The next Nifty  -  New strategies for the discovery of further economic deposits in the Paterson Province, WA


Bruce Hooper gave his exposition

On the Nifty mine acquisition

They’ve got a real whopper

All full of copper

But Goosewhacker – that’s the real mission



Angus Collins, Triako.  From 14 months reserve life to 7 years production, and still digging  -  Some good news and lessons from Mineral Hill, NSW


Then Gus Collins on Mineral Hill mine

And he gave us some wisdom divine

A left lateral splay

Would help make your day

Plus a passion for chocolate and wine



Angela Lorrigan, Pasminco (Elura).  In the valley of the shadow of administration  -  Exploring in uncertain times


Angela Lorrigan  -  well, thank you, Marm

Near-mine exploration, with charm

She delivered a homily

On her favourite anomaly

And finished off with a psalm



Stuart Smith, Rio Tinto.  Blurring the boundary between brown & green  -  Near mine exploration at Northparkes, NSW


Stuart Smith blurred the brown and the green

In a highly challenging scene

Of monzonite stocks

And well-altered rocks

And everything else in between




Allan McGill, MIM.  Re-assessing near mine mineral resources  -  The Hilton example


Allan McGill said, with some remorse

That there’s gaps in the drilling, of course,

Which appear, on inspection,

On the Hilton long section

And could lead to a bigger resource



Iain Mason, University of Sydney.  Borehole radar images of faults and potholes in precious metal reefs


It was then Iain Mason and team

Who then presented their scheme

They turned to technology

To help with geology

For mapping the faults in the seam



Neil Phillips, CSIRO.  Recent CSIRO developments in geochemical and geophysical instrumentation and techniques for near-mine exploration


Neil Phillips then talked innovation

Of techniques and instrumentation

That’s the CSIRO

Who’ll give it a go

For help with near-mine exploration



Steve Hunt, Lihir Gold.  The discovery of structure-confined blind ore extensions to the Ladolam deposits, Lihir, PNG


Steve Hunt then grabbed our attention

When he talked about blind ore extension

And he showed us some maps

Of cone sector collapse

Structure-confined, I heard mention



Dean Fredericksen, Stawell Gold Mines.  Still exploring below 1000m but no headframe


Stawell’s one of those mines from on old

They’re working down deep, so we’re told

They’ve got no headframe

But they’re still in the game

And increasing their resource of gold



David Sleigh, Selwyn Mines.  Digesting data to put on weight


Dave Sleigh says they’ve found lots of ore

At Selwyn, at Swan and Mount Dore

But I must ask the question

If he’s got indigestion

Why does he come back for more



Rob Taylor & Scott Halley, AurionGold.  What a difference a hole makes... the evolution of the Darwin Zone, Henty, Tasmania


Then a story of investigation

Of faith and determination

Great assays, good Lord,

Went straight to the Board

Hence the Darwin Zone mineralisation



Ron Cunneen, Gympie Gold.  Mine and near mine exploration  -  Getting engineers and accountants to find orebodies


And finally there’s Ron Cunneen

With an interesting management scene

And you can intertwine

Exploration and mine

To create an efficient machine



When you’re tracking the ore to its source

Or you want to announce to the bourse

Just take up your drill

And go over the hill

And find there a big new resource


The pressures to succeed never cease

When you’re after that next golden fleece

But you don’t need to panic

Or shift chairs on the Titanic

You can find a new life on lease






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