DATE: Monday, 11th February, 1980, at 4.30 pm. VENUE: First Floor, Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney (behind Goldfields House) DRESS: Tie or jacket for men. SPEAKER: Dr Harold Siegal, President of Scintrex TOPIC: "Uranium Exploration using Lead Isotope Ratios" A new technique is being developed which allows inexpensive determination of lead isotope ratios in soil and rocks. The results obtained are being applied as a guide to the proximity of uranium deposits, based on the knowledge that Pb206 is uniquely derived from uranium. Dr Siegal also gave a talk to the ASEG at the Air Force Club, 213 Clarence Street, Sydney on "Conductivity Mapping using the TRIDEM Multi frequency Airborne EM System", at 1800 hours, 15th February, 1980. Refreshments available from 17.30 hours. ASEG's Organising Committee at the time was SR Greaves, EA (Ted) Bowen and DW King


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