Rob Hough - CSIRO

Rob Hough is the Discovery Theme Leader in the Minerals Down Under Flagship of CSIRO and he leads the mineral exploration research in CSIRO. Rob's expertise is in geochemistry and he has worked extensively on understanding gold deposition within high grade deposits and in developing new approaches for using gold analysis in brownfields to greenfields exploration. He has been with the CSIRO since 2002 and previously worked in research in universities in the UK. Rob co-authored a presentation "Invisible Gold revealed in Supergene and Hypogene Environments – New Insights into Gold Mobility" for the SMEDG-AIG New Exploration Technologies Symposium in 2009.A link to Rob Hough's current activity in CSIRO Using the largest research gold collection in Australia (valued at more than A$1 million) Dr Hough is able to study properties of gold that have previously been overlooked, ignored or were not known to have existed. This research has allowed for a greater understanding towards the formation of gold deposits in the earth and challenges century old views of how gold nuggets are formed. This information will lead towards improved exploration methods that can be adopted by industry worldwide to help locate new deposits. Meeting: Rugby Club, Thursday 28 March, 2013