SMEDG - Notice of Meeting

Thursday, 25th June 2009. 5.30pm for 6pm Rugby Club, Rugby Place, Circular Quay

Cameron Quinn

Incipient Macquarie Arc: part of an extensive, coherent mineralized supra-subduction zone system in eastern NSW.

Cameron Quinn's Abstract: The eastern Lachlan Orogen in south-eastern Australia comprises the now-fragmented, and highly-mineralised, intra-oceanic Macquarie Arc, ophiolite belts and craton-derived turbidites. Prevailing tectonic models have called for disparate development and amalgamation of components; however, recent work has highlighted linkages that allude to these components comprising a coherent supra-subduction zone system. Whilst porphyry-related mineralization is important, and has featured prominently in research activities relating to the fragmented Macquarie Arc, this may form only one part of a more extensive mineralized supra-subduction zone system. My presentation will develop these ideas, incorporating a discussion of field, palaeontological and geochemical constraints, as well as points of uncertainty. It will build on a similar presentation at "Exploration in the House" by the incorporation of geochemical considerations and new constraints from analytical geochronology.