SMEDG/AIG STUDENT BURSARY AWARDS - Rugby Club - 24th February, 2011

Amy Cockerton - Monash University

The Deep Exploration Technologies CRC (DET CRC) is a $111M research program into: · cheaper, faster and safer drilling in minerals exploration · real-time and near real-time logging and evaluation, and · geophysics and geochemistry for improved targeting. The Deep Exploration Technologies CRC has been established to address the most significant challenge to the future of the Australian minerals industry – the reduction in the mineral resources inventory due to high production and low mineral exploration success. The national response must be to develop new technologies to explore to greater depths and under cover in the vast areas of Australia that are known to be prospective for minerals. DET CRC has been granted $28 M funding from the Commonwealth Government under the Cooperative Research Centres program. It also has $21M in cash support from its core industry participants (Barrick, BHP Billiton, Boart Longyear, Gold Fields Australia, Newcrest and Vale Exploration). There is a further $62M in-kind funding from CSIRO, university research providers (Curtin University and the University of Adelaide) and the industry participants. The Department of Primary Industries and Resources South Australia is also a major contributor, hence the CRC is headquartered in Adelaide. Smaller mining and exploration companies and suppliers can join DET CRC as affiliates. Richard Hillis is CEO of the Deep Exploration Technologies CRC. He graduated BSc (Hons) from Imperial College (London, 1985), and PhD from the University of Edinburgh (1989) and was until recently State of South Australia Professor of Petroleum Geology and Head of the Australian School of Petroleum (University of Adelaide). He has published over 100 papers in the areas of petroleum geomechanics and basin tectonics and has consulted extensively to, and run short courses for, the petroleum industry on these topics. Richard is a non-executive director of JRS Petroleum Research, AuScope and A

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