Neptune Minerals - AIM-Listed - Australian Management - New Zealand Operations


Listed on London's AIM, (NPM.L) Neptune holds 3 exploration licences, which give the Company exclusive exploration rights to over 35,000 of New Zealand controlled waters. Neptune has secured a pre-eminent position with mineral rights over known SMS deposits in the region. Government research institutions in New Zealand, partnered by international research organisations,continue to provide leading-edge investigations of SMS deposits. They have conducted pioneering research for more than 15 years and continue to build on their understanding of the seafloor within New Zealand-controlled waters. This area is regarded by many as one of the best researched "natural laboratories" for SMS processes in the world. New Zealand is regarded as an ideal choice for Neptune's initial operations for the following reasons: * extensive stakeholder consultation concluded with Government legislation and support for offshore mineral exploration * well established offshore oil and gas marine industry * an active marine contracting sector which includes ships, platforms and remotely operated seafloor vehicles * seamount sites in 120m to 1800m water depth are well within the operating range for existing technologies. * its stable political environment