SMEDG TALK Sept 25th 2008


By John Levings (Romang Project Manager) assisted by Pieter Moeskops (GM-Technical) Robust Resources Ltd

· Lihir sized Indonesian island near Wetar, 500km NW of Darwin, on inner volcanic Banda Arc. · Formed from collision of Australian continental shelf with SE Asian plate. · Romang Island is an uplifted strongly mineralised 4.5 to 5my old undersea calc-alkaline volcano. · Main target: Lakuwahi- caldera in the south formed in deep sea from black and white smoker activity. · Other targets: structurally controlled galena-silver and gold veins in north of island. · Lakuwahi explored by Billiton in late 1990's, and northern areas by Ashton in 1988-90. · Lakuwahi alteration and mineralisation (largely covered by protective reef limestone) reflects as a magnetic low and strong soil geochemical anomaly (Pb, Zn, Cu, Ba, Ag, Au, Mo, As, Sb) showing through limestone. · 12 of 14 scout diamond drill holes at Lakuwahi intersected significant mineralisation-eg hole #2 intersected 39m @ 1.65g/t Au and 28g/t Ag, and hole #10 intersected 80m @ 2.2% Pb, 1.4% Zn and 41g/t Ag. · Eight northern area targets including Kiahar Pb veins-eg 2.1m @ 29% Pb, 3.79g/t Au, 168g/t Ag. · New drilling-2 rigs- about to begin. Confirming previous intersections, stepping out for geological understanding, resource confirmation and further discoveries.