DATE: Monday 2nd APRIL, 1992. Commencing at 5.15pm VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney SPEAKER: Wally Bucknell (Exploration Manager, Plutonic Resources) TOPIC: "Surveyor 1 - Geology of the Balcooma Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposit - Queensland" The Surveyor 1 - Balcooma Project is managed by Plutonic Operations Ltd on behalf of the sole owner, Lachlan Resources N.L. Plutonic Resources maintains a 62% interest in Lachlan Resources N.L. Ore grade base metal mineralisation was first intersected at Balcooma in 1978 and subsequently the Surveyor 1 and Dry River deposits to the south were located. At Surveyor 1 a measured resource of 483,000 tonnes at 0.8% Cu, 7.30% Pb 19.70% Zn, 146g/t Ag and 1.10g/t Au has been estimated. The other deposits are larger but of lower grade. Drilling is continuing in order to develop additional resources. Other SMEDG Balcooma Paper" Note the Balcooma Project has recently been bought by Kagara Zinc - Nov 2000.