DATE: Wednesday 20th April 1994 VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Circular Quay SPEAKERS: Bill Loughlin - Geological Consultants (Ireland) Ltd. TOPIC: "Airborne Daedalus 1268 Scanner Images Including Thermal Infrared: The operational tool to save money and increase chances of success." Bill Loughlin is in Australia following an invitation by CSIRO which owns a Daedalus 1268 Scanner mounted in a Nowra-based Learjet. Bill has had considerable experience with airborne Daedalus surveys in the USA, UK and Middle East with specific mineral and hydrocarbon-oriented surveys in Nevada and Oregon. Bill has also directed a range of other remote sensing surveys and has broad experience with all commercially available image data sets. The Daedalus Scanner is available for survey work and you owe it to yourself to see what the cutting-edge looks like.