DATE: Tuesday 8 August 1995 - 5.30 pm VENUE: 2nd Floor, Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney SPEAKERS: Dr Camillo Premoli International Mineral Research TOPIC: "Central Africa - Mineral Potential - Exploration Opportunities and Risks - an Australian Perspective" The talk will focus on Central Africa's mineral potential. Some countries, Zaire, Zambia and Angola, have colossal mineral endowment, others less, but all will be reviewed in terms of exploration and mining opportunities. Camillo's first professional assignment, in 1965, was diamond exploration in Zambia with De Beers, followed by other assignments in various eastern African countries. After migrating to Australia in 1970, Camillo maintained his connections with Africa, working for the UN (in Madagascar, Chad, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zaire, Zambia and Ethiopia), and for major mining groups (in Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Mozambique and Eritrea) seeking gold, base metals, uranium, mineral sands and non-metallic minerals. He has recently returned from Africa and is well placed to bring you up to date with the latest developments.