SMEDG - Notice of Meeting

DATE: Thursday 18th August 1998 - 5.30pm for 6pm VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Rugby (Crane) Place, Sydney SPEAKERS: Dr Geoff Derrick TOPIC: "A Century of Reflections on Elizabeth Creek" Elizabeth Creek is a new target area in NW Queensland, generated by AGSO and GSQ using sequence stratigraphy, regional aeromagnetics, and gravity and reprocessed seismic data from Comalco. The target is another Century Zn-Pb deposit concealed under 350m of cover. Geoff will discuss aspects of the data, particularly the emerging need for 3D seismic reflection interpreters in our base metal teams and the range of current theories which need to be considered when exploring for the so-called "Proterozoic sediment/shale-hosted Pb-Zn deposits. Geoff spent 17 years with the BMR (now AGSO), contributing to research and remapping of the northern Australian Proterozoic and has been consulting since 1984 in a wide range of environments; from lateritic Co-Ni in NSW to Sn-greisen systems in north Queensland, and everything in between, on project assessment, management, research and drilling. He enjoys studying all aspects of ore deposits and runs Geotours and Workshops on the Mount Isa region. He publishes a resource newsletter, "The Stockex Report"(Subscription Details) as a sideline in order to stay in touch with the information age.