SMEDG - Notice of Meeting

DATE: Thursday 24th February 2000 - 5.30pm for 6pm VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Rugby (Crane) Place, Sydney SPEAKER: Dr. Camillo Premoli, International Mineral Research TOPIC: "Exploration in Madagascar" FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr Simon McDonald has purchased Camillo's extensive files and map collection, including a comprehensive data set for Madagascar. E-MAIL LINK Mobile Phone: +61 423 921 780 The presentation will cover in Camillo's distinctive style, the joys and sorrows of exploring in Madagascar. Madagascar is somewhat sexy and anomalous. Neither African nor Asian, it is our nearest neighbour across the Indian Ocean. It is a big Gondwana-like microcontinent full of lemurs and exotic things - which explains why the World Bank and the WWF are pouring money into the place. Gold is the big thing now but Madagascar also produces the very few minerals that Australia doesn't; chromite, graphite etc. There is some potential for mineral sands, coal, oil shales, bauxite, even nickel. A full plate. Also, Madagascar (weary of France and suspicious of South Africa) looks with sympathy to Australia when it comes to mineral development. Madagascar has had a string of rather beastly governments since independence, but it has now reformed and is in the IMF's good books. New mining codes, solid currency, etc. Camillo's 1996 Consultant's Report - Gold in Madagascar Madagascar Links PBS pictures of 'Lemurs and Exotic Things' E-mail the Consul-General of Madagascar in Australia