With GSA New South Wales Division & Geodiversity Research Centre This will also be a great opportunity to wish Al Dunlop all the best as he heads for retirement

DATE: Thursday 20th February 2004 - 5.30pm for 6pm VENUE: The Rugby Club – Rugby Place - Sydney SPEAKER: Associate Professor W. D. Maier TOPIC: "Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Sulfide Deposits in southern Africa" The first focus of the talk will be on PGE deposits, including reef-type and basal PGE mineralization in the Bushveld Complex (Merensky, UG2, Platreef), its satellite intrusions (Uitkomst Complex), and the recently discovered reef-type mineralization in magnetites and magnetite gabbros of the 3 Ga Stella intrusion. The second focus will be on Ni sulfide deposits, notably the Kabanga deposit of Tanzania which bear similarities to the Petchega deposits in Russia. Exploration efforts in other igneous bodies, notably the Tete gabbro-anorthosite complex of Mozambique, the Karoo-basalt related Insizwa Complex of SA, and the Morokweng impact crater in SA will be reviewed. Future To be announced - be patient! meetings:

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