DATE: Tuesday February 2, 1982 at 4.30 pm. VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney SPEAKER: Dr Zdenek Johan - Director "Centre de Recherches sur la Synthese et Chimie des Mineraux" (French CSIRO equivalent) TOPIC: "Mineralisation in Granitoids" Dr Johans's interest is mineralogy, in particular the study of ore minerals. He has described well over twenty new minerals, the discovery of some contributed significantly to the understanding of geochemistry of such elements as thallium, palladium and selenium. His numerous papers include such topics as lunar rocks, germanium and gallium analogues of silicates, sulphur isotopes, etc. His recent interest is in the oroigin of porphyry copper and chromite, especially in Canada, Peru and New Caledonia. He is co-author of the useful Atlas of Metallic Minerals (with P. Picot) the English translation of which is in press.

Zdenek Johan - IUGS biography

Mining Raw Materials on the Threshold of the Third Millennium - Z. Johan


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