DATE: Friday 25th February 1994 - 5.15pm VENUE: Rugby Club SPEAKERS: Dr Lev Natapov TOPIC: "A NEW METALLOGENIC MAP OF THE FORMER USSR - PROGRESS REPORT" Dr Natapov is the Chief Geologist of "Aerogeologia" which is a large Russian mineral research and production enterprise, based in Moscow. The institute employs 450 geologists. He is responsible for the compilation of geological, metallogenic, tectonic and palaeogeographic maps of Russia and the republics. Dr Natapov was involved in geological mapping and mineral exploration in Russia for over 30 years. He was joint author of a tectonic map and publication "The Geology of the USSR - A Plate Tectonic Synthesis" published by the American Geophysical Union in 1990. He is currently leading a group which is preparing a new metallogenic map of the former USSR. Dr Natapov has presented courses of lectures at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities.