DATE: Monday February 26, 1996 - 5.30 pm VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Circular Quay. SPEAKER: John Holliday, Newcrest Mining Limited TOPIC: "THE CADIA PROJECT" The Cadia Project, located south of Orange, NSW, is now approaching an exciting stage in its development. As recently described at the New Generation Gold Mines Symposium, Cadia has progressed through an exploration history from the mid 1970's, to now represent potential for a large low-grade gold deposit containing 8.3 M oz of Au and 1.1 M t of Cu. Magnetite deposits are now interpreted by Newcrest to represent skarns formed peripheral to a quartz monzonite in a setting permissive of porphyry-style gold-copper mineralisation. John will delineate the exploration history, some of the geology, and summarise the development proposal for this exciting new discovery. CADIA-RIDGEWAY PROJECT DISCOVERY Exploration Under Cover Symposium 1999 CADIA Au-Cu DEPOSITS Lachlan Fold Belt Symposium 1998

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