SMEDG - Notice of Meeting

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DATE: Thursday 26th July 2001, 5.30pm for 6pm VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Circular Quay SPEAKER: Graham Carr - Exploration Science Coordinator for the Division of Exploration and Mining, CSIRO. TOPIC:"Exploration Through the Bottom of a Glass .......Earth - Developing New Exploration Capabilities and Technologies for 2010" Thursday, 26th July, 2001 The steady increase in greenfields mineral exploration expenditure during the 90's was not matched by major, high value discoveries to the extent that mineral exploration was seen by the capital market as a net destroyer of shareholder value. This is one of the factors accounting for the current malaise in the industry. Whilst there are many reasons for the lack of exploration success, the exploration maturity of Australia and the need to look for buried and blind mineralisation in generally highly weathered terrains are seen as key elements. Recent initiatives in CSIRO and the new pmd*CRC and LEME2 CRC have focussed on this problem with the aim of developing the next generation of data acquisition technologies, data integration, visualisation and interpretation capabilities and terrane-based exploration models. Graham Carr has worked for CSIRO for the past 20 years in the area of exploration geochemistry, with a particular bent towards Pb isotopic tracers. For the past 5 years he has been Exploration Science Coordinator for the Division of Exploration and Mining, and today has as one of his briefs the management of the Glass Earth series of projects. See also The The "Glass Earth" - Geochemical Frontiers in Exploration Through Cover SMEDG-AIG Exploration Under Cover Symposium 1999.