SMEDG - Notice of Meeting

DATE: Thursday 23rd March 2000 - 5.30pm for 6pm VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Rugby (Crane) Place, Sydney SPEAKERS: Chris Horsfall ( Integrated Spectronics) and David Cohen (UNSW) TOPIC: "Practical Uses of PIMA in Exploration" Measurements with the PIMA portable infrared spectrometer can be taken in the field in less than 40 seconds and generally require no sample preparation. These measurements can quickly identify a number of alteration and weathering mineral species and the variations of these along traverse and downhole. Mapping these characteristics of alteration mineralogy facilitates the determination of vectors towards mineralisation. The talk will give case histories where PIMA has been used to identify sample mineralogies in mineral exploration and geological studies in Australia. More details Chris Horsfall worked for AGSO and then at the NT Geological Survey doing regional mapping in the Northern Territory. Following this he joined CSIRO to conduct research into the spectral properties of Australian terrain. He currently works for Integrated Spectronics. David Cohen is director of undergraduate studies in geology at UNSW, doing research in environmental geochemistry. He is an associate of CRC LEME and is on the council of the Association of Exploration Geochemists.