SMEDG as CSIRO's collaborator in this event.

DATE: Thursday 19th March 1998 - 5.30pm for 6pm VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Rugby (Crane) Place, Sydney SPEAKERS: Mr Chris Torrey TOPIC: "Intrusive Related Mineralisation in the Cobar District" This talk will reveal a possible link between hydrothermal breccias at the Pipeline Project near Canbelego NSW and subvolcanic intrusions. The implications of this link for mineral exploration in the area and the whole Cobar District will be discussed.


Wal Ruckdy ran his gnarled fingers through his grizzled hair, or what little was left of it. "A bit like the gold in this old mine...." the ancient prospector thought as he gazed into the deserted open pit, "...but I think I'll git me some of them garnets before I go" and he ambled down the ramp to the pit floor, perhaps musing on nearby townships being named after Midsummer Night's Dream characters. Or perhaps not, he'd lost his copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare in a poker game with some of his prospecting mates and hadn't got past page 10......