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DATE: Thursday 24th May 2001, 5.30pm for 6pm VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Circular Quay SPEAKER: Sue Border - GEOS MINING TOPIC: "Skardon River Kaolin Project" (Image files below) Kaolin is no longer just an indigestion remedy, but is a vital ingredient in the paint, paper and rubber industries. Kaolin is not just boring white overburden concealing a potential orebody, but can be a valuable resource in its own right. Sue will review the history of the resurrected Skardon River kaolin project, and discuss the geology and the features which make this project unique. The genesis of commercial kaolins will be discussed with comparisons between Skardon River and some major world kaolin deposits. The talk will also cover kaolin properties and use, and some of the new markets emerging for calcined kaolin products. Sue Border is a geologist with over twenty years experience in the minerals industry. She has worked in mining and exploration of both metals and industrial minerals in Africa and Australia. She was exploration manager for Minerals Corporation Limited where she built up a portfolio of industrial mineral properties for their IPO which raised $15m. She supervised the discovery and development of the Staurolite Ridge garnet mine at Broken Hill. Sue has been working on the Skardon River project for 15 months, supervising the exploration, resource update and preparation for mining later this year.

The images presented by Sue to accompany this presentation are now accessible as a web page or an MS Power Point file.

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