DATE: Thursday May 11 1995 - 5.30 pm VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Circular Quay, Sydney SPEAKERS: Ray Soper TOPIC: "The Cinola Gold Project, Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada" The Cinola Project is being re-evaluated in the 1990's. Former exploration focused on a bulk low grade open pit resource, but with poor metallurgy and located in an environmentally sensitive area. Current thinking is that Cinola contains higher grade, possibly good metallurgy ore, which is amenable to underground mining from an adit level. A basin formed by a jog in the regional Sandspit Fault is filled with epiclastic sediments into which felsic intrusives and fluidised hydrothermal breccias have been emplaced. The initial event of lower grade pyritic gold mineralization is overprinted by banded epithermal-style, quartz fissure vein, gold/silver mineralization, not adequately delineated by the early vertical drilling and now the subject of renewed investigation. Misty Mountain Gold - Harmony Deposit - Map Misty Mountain Gold - Harmony Deposit - Text