DATE: Thursday May 18 1995 - 5.30 pm VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Circular Quay, Sydney SPEAKERS: Terry Leach TOPIC: "High Sulphidation Au/Cu Systems of the SW Pacific" Terry Leach has many years experience as a petrologist working on active and fossil magmatic geothermal systems. His studies on SW Pacific intrusive-related Au/Cu systems have focused upon the nature and distribution of hydrothermal alteration and Au/Cu mineralization. In this talk Terry will present a model for the development of a style of Au/Cu systems which includes Nena, Wafi, Mt Kasi, Peak Hill, Lepanto and many others. He will classify different styles, which also include the barren shoulders to porphyry intrusives such as Vuda and Lookout Rocks, and delineate the means of mineral deposition. An understanding of the anatomy of these systems provides important guidelines for targeting ore.