Mines & Wines 2006 - Speaker Programme

Thursday 25th May

Chairperson : Lindsay Gilligan

9:00am Lindsay Gilligan Introduction
9:10am Dick Glen

The Lachlan Orogen

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New boundaries, new data, new ideas, new deposits

9:50 David Cooke, Dick Tosdal, Claire Chamberlain and Cari Deyell

and Cari Deyell Porphyries & Epithermal Deposits


A view from outside the Macquarie Arc

10.30am – 11.00am Morning Tea

Chairperson : Kim Stanton-Cook

11:00am Bruce Mowat

Porphyry Cu-Au in NSW

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Characteristics of porphyry Cu-Au systems in the Ordovician Macquarie Arc of NSW."

11:30am Chris Torrey & Paul Burrell

Copper Hill

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Geology and Mineralisation of the Copper Hill Area

12:00pm Andrew Lye, Graham Crook & Lennard Kolff van Oosterwijk

van Oosterwijk Northparkes

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The Discovery History of the Northparkes Deposits

12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch

Chairperson : Chris Torrey

1:30pm Stuart Matthews & McInnes

Cowal Gold Mine


Geology and Mining at the Cowal Gold Mine

2:00pm Dean Fredricksen



Geology and Mineralisation of the Copper Hill Area

2:30pm Terry Ransted & Ian Chalmers



Tomingley Gold Project

3:00pm – 3:30pm Afternoon tea

Chairperson : Steve Collins

3:30pm Phil Blevin

Granite Mineralisation in NSW

Abstract Abstract

Associated mineralisation in New South Wales: data, models and opportunities for the future

4:00pm Darren Glover

Dargues Reef

4:30pm Bob Beeson & Dave Borton



The Mt Carrington epithermal gold-silver-zinc system and the host Drake Volcanics.

7:00pm Conference Dinner- Tamburlaine Winery – Guest Speaker: Professor Ian Plimer

Friday 26th May

Chairperson : Sam Lees

9:00am Vlad David

Cobar Perspective

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Metallogenesis of the Cobar Region, Central West NSW

9:30am Jason Hosken, Derek Webb & Ian Stockton

CSA Mine

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Geology, geochemistry and geophysics in the CSA near mine environment.

10:00am Mike Erceg & Bruce Hooper

Tritton Copper Mine

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New understanding of the Tritton Copper Mine, NSW and its potential from mining of this blind discovery

10:30am – 11:00am Morning Tea

Chairperson : Peter Lewis

11:00am Angus Collins, Managing Director, Ian Mackenzie, Jeff Randell & Stuart Jeffrey

Hera Gold Base Metal Deposit

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Thoughts from the Porch.

11:30am Rex Berthelsen

The Peak

Abstract .ppt

The Cobar Goldfield - Variations of a Theme

12:00pm Peter Nicholson

Endeavor Mine

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Endeavor Ag/Pb/Zn Mine

12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch

Chairperson : Cay Mims/Tim McConachy

1:30am Ian Pringle

Bowdens Silver Deposit


Renewed Interest with an improving Silver price

2:00pm Bruce Hooper or Phil Shields


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Exploration and Development of the Hillgrove Gold - Antimony Mine.

2:30pm Brett McKay



Intrusion-Related Gold Deposits in New England - The Tooloom Example

3:00pm – 3:30pm Afternoon tea

Chairperson : John Watkins

3:30am Ian Pringle

R.A. Glen, R.J. Korsch, R. Costelloe & R. Mantaring


Preliminary results from the Thomson-Lachlan deep seismic survey, northwest New South Wales

4:00pm John Greenfield

Thomson Orogen


New Frontiers

4:30pm Michael Hallett

Stawell / Bendigo Zone


Extensions of the Bendigo and Stawell Zones in New South Wales: Insights from geophysical interpretation

3:00pm – 3:30pm Afternoon tea

Presenters are bold and italicised

All Abstracts in one 9.5Kb .pdf