The 56th Sydney Mining Club Meeting

with the support of AUSENCO and HSBC

Thursday August 1st at 12.30 p.m.

Presents a current affairs special with

Anaconda CEO Peter Johnston

"Anaconda Nickel - Phoenix or Ashes"

PowerPoint Presentation

Can you imagine a bigger challenge than taking over as CEO of Anaconda Nickel eight months ago? Peter Johnston put his hand up and since then he has been wrestling to get it to higher ground. With joint venture debts of USD$730m, U.S. bondholders breathing down his neck and massive lawsuits with engineering firms in the air - it's not work for the fainthearted?
And by the time Peter Johnston stands before us on the first day of August, the future of Anaconda Nickel, one of the greatest corporate rescue efforts in Australia's mining history, will be on the line.

Meanwhile out in WA desert, the Murrin Murrin nickel laterite joint venture, Anaconda's major asset, is skipping ahead and clocked up to in excess of 15,000t of nickel for the half year. As Peter Johnston puts it, "...the trouble with this company is some people are obsessed with the war-stories of the past - but the future lies in front of us". It is a line he's driven hard when negotiating rooms full of aggrieved investors in New York. (One can only imagine that the more recent Enron and Worldcom debacles might have helped them put Anaconda's problems in perspective!) They must also take some heart from the JV's massive A$1.6b damages claim against Fluor Daniel for breach of contract, defective design and construction of the Murrin Murrin plant, and also for late completion and slower ramp-up of the plant. Peter Johnston will talk about his white-knuckle ride at Anaconda's helm and the new Anaconda he wants to build.
What future can you build with a past like that?
Armed with a B.A., Peter's extensive management experience has taken him through WMC and Alcoa and he has even directed operations at Tooheys breweries. We could suggest, writing a book about one of Australia's great corporate affairs might be his next job.
Don't miss it!

The Forum is held at the Tattersalls Club at 181 Elizabeth St, Sydney (adjoining the Sheraton on the Park). There has been a relaxation of dress rules at the Tattersalls Club so ties and jackets are no longer required.

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