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Mines & Wines 2017 - Discoveries in the Tasmanides

The 6th Mines & Wines 2017: Discoveries in the Tasmanides was held in Orange, NSW between the 6th-8th of September, 2017 was a great success. For more information visit www.minesandwines.com.au.


Maiden’s Musings

By Ken Maiden

They needed a speaker, you see
The Prime Minister wouldn’t agree
There was no-one from Brizzie
Pauline Hanson was busy
The committee had to settle for me

I’ve been asked to present a summation
To outline for your edification
What kept you awake or sleepy and snuggly
The good, the bad and the ugly
What was fact and what’s wild speculation

Paul’s opening address was just great
He started off talking about his home state
We need an urgent decision
On a new copper vision
But don’t let the farmers lock the gate

Once you master the Lachlan Orocline
It’s all days of roses and wine
You just follow the trend
Around that bloody big bend
And bingo – there’s your next mine

The Thomson Orogen - with knowledge embryonic
About the structure and intrusions plutonic
But they’ve integrated data
To correlate the strata
And construct an interpretation tectonic

Greg's figures are very complex
With intrusions and all their effects
Fluid starts way down there
And squirts up everywhere
Vaguely like indiscriminate sex

Then porphyry deposits – what total captivation
An update on Cowal for our edification
We then got a fix
On an old dog’s new tricks
Then a burst of spectral infatuation

From Impact Minerals then we heard from Mike Jones
Who gnawed on a couple of old bones
Then Diemar and Hughes
Gave us some most cheerful news
About the drill hole that hit the right stones

Bruce Hooper had an air of divinity
When he spoke about illite crystallinity
Then at Bowden’s, Scott Munro
Put on a bloody good show –
Their system seems to go to infinity

Then orogenic gold, what phantasmagoria
In Fosterville, they’re awash with euphoriaAnd the man from the south
Then opened his mouth
And told us all about gold in Victoria

We heard about Tomingley exposed
Revealing more than we previously supposed
Then at the old Morning Star
They can break out the caviar
As it’s now had its secrets disclosed

The Cobar district, as usual, is a sensation
Five talks that provided confirmation
The ore zones plunge steep
And they keep going deep
Like a copper and gold infestation

We had vectors to mineralisation
We had high and low temperature alteration
Joel gave us a good wrap
And he didn’t talk crap
And I enjoyed his new explanation

Those old VMS just won’t disappear
Woodlawn and Kempfield – yes, they’re still here
They’ve got some massive ore
But they’d like to have more
So it’s not all skittles and beer

There was a session on granites and more
And there’s potential, potential galore
We now have the ability
To gauge metal fertility
And that’s the key to the old candy store

I hardly know where to begin
We had gold and silver and tin
At Windy Hill, you betcha,
There’s a diatreme breccia
It’s really all win win win win

Then on through the late batting order
The range of the topics got broader
With three very good yarns
About veins, greisens and skarns
That they’ve got up there north of the border

Finally, the man from Geoscience Australia
Went up to the podium to regale ya
About how to discover
What’s lurking under cover
Using all that multi-sector paraphernalia

In these talks we’ve been swamped with innovation
We’ve been subjected to intellectual intoxication
They’ve provided new perspective
On which targets are most prospective
And they’ve relieved geological constipation

That’s the end of my little ditty
We’ve had a great time in this city
So show your appreciation
By the usual acclamation
And thank the organising committee