DATE: Tuesday 14 November, 1995 - 5.30 pm VENUE: 2nd Floor, Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney SPEAKERS: Hugo Hoogvliet TOPIC: "Mt. Muro Indonesia - Geology and some Practical Aspects of Mining in a Developing and Tropical Country" The Mount Muro gold/silver mine is located in the centre of Borneo, Indonesia. It is owned by Indo Muro Kencana, which in turn is owned by Aurora Gold, the gold offshot of Ashton Mining. Exploration commenced in 1982, and the feasibility study was completed in November 1992. Construction started in September 1993, and was completed in December 1994. Mining started in July 1994. The mine has been in full production for eleven months now. Annual gold and silver production is approximately 110,000 oz and 3 Moz per year respectively. In his presentation Hugo will give an overview of the operations, discuss the geology and practical aspects of mining on a remote location in a developing country with a tropical climate.