DATE: Thursday November 23rd 1995 - 5.30 pm VENUE: Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney SPEAKERS: Professor Ian Plimer*, Paul Ashley and Bernd Lottermoser. TOPIC: "Mineralization in the Olary Block, South Australia" Students from the University of New England and Melbourne University have been mapping Proterozoic rocks of the Olary Block, SA, for several years, under the supervision of Ian Plimer, Paul Ashley and Bernd Lottermoser. Rocks include elements of the Broken Hill Mine sequence and other comparisons are made with the Willyama Complex of Western NSW. Geological mapping is the primary tool of mineral exploration and this programme, while honing the skills of students, provides the data-base which may lead to the discovery of the elusive big one. Professor Plimer promises to provide us with an entertaining talk on important new geological developments. PIR SA - OLARY LINK PIR SA - Broken Hill Exploration Initiative *Ian Plimer's "Creation Talk"Click here