DATE: Tuesday 26 November 1991. 5.15pm VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney SPEAKER: Urpo Kuronen - Outokumpu Exploration Australia Pty Ltd TOPIC: "Russian Lithogeochemistry: Case Histories from Finland and Australia" Urpo was involved with two Russian geochemists and one geologist over a period of months on an international exploration programme surrounding the Vihanti Zinc deposit in Finland. The Russian Geological Survey has developed geochemical methods for prospecting since the 1930's and has developed it to become an effective tool for the discovery of both outcropping and hidden deposits by the manipulation of the data from the primary ore-forming geochemical halo surrounding mineral deposits. Urpo will discuss the primary research project surrounding the Vihanti Mine and the subsequent exploration, and show examples of displaying the geochemical data from both Finnish and Australian examples he has worked on. Reminder: XMAS CRUISE - Thursday 12th December - $30 Membership Renewal Due ($20 to Committee please)