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Opportunity to Establish a Presence in Panama

GCR Panama Inc. (GCRP) is available for purchase. It is a Panamanian-registered company holding a Panamanian HSBC bank account and one EL application.

In addition to these assets, GCRP has an extensive geological, geophysical and geochemical data base covering large areas of Panama, as shown on the web site link at http://www.goldencross.com.au/projects/panama-projects/panama-2/

GCR Panama is a wholly owned subsidiary of GCR and has ceased active exploration in the country. However, only one of the two applications for concessions by GCR Panama (shown in red in the figure below) are still current following a decision by the Panamanian government to cancel GCRP's applications. The remaining area is the El Cope ELA south of Petaquilla and Molejon in central Panama. All the application areas were selected following a detailed review of geology, airborne geophysical data and a country-wide database of surface geochemistry which GCR purchased in 2007. The applications covered prospective ground with defined geophysical and geochemical anomalies and are located in similar terrain and settings to the large Panamanian copper porphyry deposits of Petaquilla and Cerro Colorado.

Panama is one of many well-mineralised links in the chain of countries extending northwards from Tierra del Fuego to the Aleutian Islands; perhaps the greatest mineral belt on Earth, host to many enormous porphyry copper deposits and epithermal/mesothermal gold and silver deposits on the Pacific margins of South, Central and North America. This is an opportunity to buy a Panama-based and registered exploration company with one prospective EL application and a very substantial geological, geochemical and geophysical data base.
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