The truth about geophysical exploration and discovery in central NSW

In case histories of ore deposit discovery it is common to pretend that the road to discovery was one of careful planning and execution, leading to almost inevitable discovery.

This can apply to deposits discovered through the use of prospecting, geology, geochemistry or geophysics. Those who have spent many years involved in exploration will witness that real discovery does require careful methodical search but also needs copious quantities of luck,that the methodical approach often leads to unexpected outcomes and that even when a deposit is found there are more questions to be answered than there were at the start of the exploration program.

This talk examines the truth of the phrase "When you see a real ore deposit in your geophysical data - you will know it!"

In particular we examine the real history of the use of geophysics in the discoveries of the Larsen's East, Tritton and Mallee Bull deposits including the paths leading up blind alleys, mistakes, near failures and of course actual discovery.

Steve Collins - Arctan Geophysics