Hello dear friends,

I'm afraid this is not so much of a social chat as perhaps is due, but rather a fund raising exercise for the annual Leukaemia Foundation's "Shave for a Cure". A few of us at work, the whole Pajingo exploration team in fact, are entering the fray. I ran out of sponsors pretty quickly there, due to the competition, so now I'm appealing to old mates.

I propose to have me head shaved on Saturday, along with I don't know how many others in Townsville. The rest of the team are doing it in Charters.

What I'm hoping for is a donation of a few bucks toward a good cause, and maybe get laugh out of it as well. I've always been tempted, but never game. So why not? To prove the successful scalping, I'll circulate a before and after image next week.

Just reply by clicking the e-mail link below in acknowledgement and I'll catch up with you later to extract the cash (or cheque made out to the Leukaemia Foundation or a bottle of wine when I see you next).

Good Health
March 13, 2003.

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Looks like.......?

A bald dad and his son - Finn with hair, Pete without