* SMEDG web site cryptic/mystery tour. Competition No.3, Clue No.1: 'molybdenum'*
The judge got sick of waiting for the fifth correct answer and has awarded the prize to the first entry: KAYLENE CAMUTI from Lantana Exploration in Townsville. Competition #4 is in planning, the prize will be a Free Registration to AJM's Australia's Exploration "Hotspots' Conference set for May 2002 and second prize will be a copy of the Exploration Strategies Symposium Abstracts.
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The Prize was a mint-condition* copy of the very rare classic: AIG Bulletin No. 13 - Abstracts -
"Symposium on Recent Advances in the Mount Isa Block - 1993"
* (Except it bears the signatures of all attendees at the St Barbara's Day Lunch - a highly sought after Collector's Edition)


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