Fw: Drill core Orientation


        Wed, 30 Oct 2002 03:10:35 -0500


        "Les Anderson" <>




Dear Colleagues,


May I direct your attention to our website at

where you will find information relating to our state of the art core

orientation system, called Ballmark.


Ballmark has been in continous use, in Canada and Australia, for

over three years now, in mines and on exploration sites, with some

very well known mining companies.


The system delivers accurate, reliable, cost effective orientation of

their drill core, WITHOUT the need for extra personell on site, and

WITHOUT costly delays in the drilling cycle.


This accurately orientated core, provides our clients with all the

structural information, that properly orientated core can provide.

Ballmark will enhance your investment in drilling,........ in

information recovered, .......per dollar expended, terms


The system is simple, easy to operate and manage, has a proven

track record, accuracy which is backed by a university study, and

is very, very cost effective.


I do hope that this will be of interest, and if so, look forward to being

of service.



Les Anderson.

Managing Director.

Shelljet Pty. Ltd.