PhD students wanted at JCU

Hi guys and gals Tim Bell has asked me to pass on this information to as many Gnomes, employed or otherwise, as they really need two more people. Ex-Gnomes and Grandfather Gnomes are also included to access the SMEDG'ers.
I have targetted a few of you who may be too old! but you may know someone younger.......
Call him if interested!
Best regards Chrissy

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From: Tim Bell
Sent: Monday, 25 February 2002 14:58 PM
Hi! Basically we are short by 2 or 3 PhD students and this year a cap comes down on numbers. If we do not make our target we will be cut back next year and a downward spiral will begin that will decimate us as our allowed intake depends on current numbers plus completions!!!! Eventually the school would disappear!
We need 1st class hons or MSc only a year or 2 out from UNI. We can offer them a scholarship and a fully funded project (if in Econ Geology because of the CRC).
Cheers & Thx
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