DATE: THURSDAY, 10 September 1992 VENUE: RUGBY CLUB AT 5.15p.m. SPEAKER: Luke Swift (Interpretation Geologist, Geoterrex Pty Ltd) TOPIC: "Magnetic and Radiometric Signature of the 1:250,000 Bathurst Sheet S1 55-8" In 1991 an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey was flown over the Bathurst Sheet in New South Wales. A total of 65,000 linr kilometres of data at 250 metre line spacing was collected and processed. The Bathurst Sheet covers part of the Lachlan Fold Belt, consisting of Palaeozoic sediments and volcanics within a series of meridional troughs and geosynclines. Extensive granitoid emplacement occurred during the Devonian and the Carboniferous. The combined magnetic-radiometric dataset shows excellent correlation with features of the known geology. Imagery of this dataset provides new detailed information on lithological and structural boundaries within the Bathurst area.