DATE: Monday 14 September 1992 at 5.15pm VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney SPEAKERS: Dr Jane Plant, British Geological Survey, UK. Biography TOPIC: "Geochemistry in the Development of Metallogenic Models and Exploration Criteria for Sedex and MVT Base Metal deposits" This talk will review studies carried out to identify areas prospective for buried carbonate-hosted Sedimentary Exhalative (SEDEX) and Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) base metal deposits in England and Ireland. Methods to be described include lithogeochemistry and basin analysis, both of which are more commonly used in hydrocarbon exploration. The value of regional geochemical data and the organic and inorganic geochemistry of limestone and shale (the sink and source repectively of the ore fluids) will be reviewed in relation to other datasets including remotely sensed (SPOT and TM) and geophysical data