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SMEDG holds monthly meetings, free and open to anyone interested in mineral exploration and related topics. Attendance is usually about 40, occasionally 80 -100. SMEDG is a non-profit organisation*, run by a volunteer committee and funded by the proceeds of its annual Symposia. Funding of events is as close to 'at-cost' as we can make it, with sufficient left over to pay for 10 Rugby Club Meetings per year and to underwrite the next Symposium.
This web site was originally created, by Steve Collins in July 1999, to provide news of meetings for the SMEDG community.
It has evolved, somewhat haphazardly under the control of the Webdabbler, into an information resource with dozens of extended abstracts and papers, many with .ppt files attached. A diligent review of these, in the Symposia pages and Past Meetings list, will reveal a treasure trove of information relating to mineral exploration and, in particular, to discovery case histories. The SMEDG web site is unique in providing, for free, so much detailed information for the curious mineral explorer.
We have also created a major web portal, and several hundred hyperlinks are scattered throughout the pages within. The site now contains over 1,500 'pages' and is visited by between 150 - 250 people each day.

What is the SMEDG? - A little bit of our early history (1972-1978) by Roy Cox


Verity Borthwick 9262 1122

Katherine Courtney Ph: 9858 3863

Vladimir David

Lindsay Gilligan Ph: 0419 636 568

Mark Gordon Ph: 0437 867 931

Tim McConachy Ph: 0417 818 390

Ian Neuss - Treasurer Ph: 2932 099 140

Andrew Sloot 0448 493 717

Roger Smyth-King Ph: 0425 232 816

David Timms Ph: 0433 573 626

Webdabbler - Kim Stanton-Cook Ph: 0411 504 512


Alan Blatchford, C. Kelly O'Connor, John I. Sharpe, Michael Sharwood, John Best, Tony Hall, Dave Kennedy, Garry Lowder,
Tony Robinson, Ian Ross, Alex Somm, Roy Cox, Mike Turbott, John A. S. Dow, Jock Gilfillan, Neville Markham
Dave Clappison, Garth Wilson, Graham Willett, Denis Clarke, Sandy Moyle, Peter Goldner, Robyn Hee, Russell Meares
Greg Corbett, Bob Handfield, John Cramsie, Bruce Hooper, Bernard Rowe, Vicki Diemar, Cay Mims
Kim Stanton-Cook, Chris Torrey, Phil Hellman, Steve Collins.

SMEDG Talks - An Historical Statistical Summary by our own Dr. Tim McConachy

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* SMEDG Non-profit Clause
The assets and income of SMEDG shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to SMEDG participants except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of SMEDG.
SMEDG Dissolution Clause
In the event of SMEDG being dissolved, the amount that remains after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to any association with similar purposes which is not carried on for the profit or gain of its individual members.
For further information visit the Australian Tax Office Web Site

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