DATE: Thursday 18th May 2000 - 5.30pm for 6pm

VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Rugby (Crane) Place, Sydney

SPEAKER: Dr. David Lowell - e-mail

TOPIC: "How Orebodies Are Found + The La Escondida Discovery"

The talks reviews mineral exploration techniques used over the past 50 years. Ideas on what really works, education of explorationists, the organisation of exploration groups and the likely discovery costs will be discussed. Conclusions from this are that efficiency in mineral exploration has not benefited much from breakthroughs in technology. The assumption that high tech is best has significantly increased the cost of ore discovery.
The Atacama Project and the La Escondida discovery will also be discussed. The exploration history and geology of the Atacama Region of Chile and the prospects for further discoveries will be covered.
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David Lowell is currently involved with several major mining companies in exploration in Chile, Ecuador and Mexico. He has worked in more than 25 countries for over 100 companies and governments and has been involved in seven major mine discoveries. He participated in the development of the Lowell-Guilbert porphyry copper genetic model. He has received numerous awards including the SEG International Exchange Lectureship.
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