From: Ian Plimer Subject: Global Warming *


You may care to advertise on the SMEDG website that last week my book (A Short History of Planet Earth, ABC Books) was released. It questions whether we humans contribute to global warming and provides all the scientific arguments, written in lay language and fully referenced, that the busy person in industry does not have time to compile. I argue that climate change, sea level change etc is quite normal for a dynamic planet and, unless one views the planet in toto, then unsubstantiated views of the planet will be promoted by non-geologists. The book was inspired by a Greenpeace banner which read “Stop Climate Change”. To stop climate change, one must stop supernoval eruptions, solar flaring, sunspots, orbital wobbles, meteorites, comets, life, mountain building, erosion, weathering, sedimentation, continental drift, volcanoes, ocean currents, tides and ice armadas – no mean feat, even for Greenpeace!


Ian Plimer


More details, including on-line ordering, on Ian’s book at ABC Books

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