7-9 March 2001

OrangeEx-Services Club Ltd

231 242 Anson Street



The Australian Geodynamics Cooperative Research Centre(AGCRC), Geological Survey of New South Wales (GSNSW), Australian GeologicalSurvey Organisation (AGSO) and Fractal Graphics will hold a 3 day workshop topresent results of their recent work in the Eastern Lachlan Orogen.


The core of the workshopwill be a discussion of the results of the deep seismic reflection andrefraction data, collected in 1997 and 1999, designed to shed light on crustalarchitecture of different belts of Ordovician volcanics, volcaniclastics andintrusives that form part of the Macquarie Arc. This arc was disrupted duringSilurian and Devonian extension and by later contraction. The work was alsodesigned to contribute to the understanding of the geodynamic setting of someLachlan Orogen mineral systems. North-south and east-west seismic data wereacquired across the Molong volcanic belt north and south of Orange; andeast-west lines were acquired across the Junee-Narromine volcanic belt south ofLake Cowal, and several kilometres north of the Gidginbung deposit.


Other topics to be covered will includeaspects of the regional geology, gravity and magnetic modelling, worming of potential field data, building of a 3D geological model for the region, andsome results of Ar Ar dating of deformational events.




Outline of the Project R Korsch (AGSO)

Geological issues in the Eastern Lachlan Orogen RGlen (GSNSW), O Raymond and P Lyons (AGSO)

Capabilities of Seismic in Hard Rock Terranes L Jones(AGSO)

Acquisition of Seismic and Processing: An introduction L Jones (AGSO)

Time-Space Plot and PREDICT A Cross (AGSO)

The Seismic Refraction Transect D Finalyson (AGSO)et al

Presentation of the 1997 Seismic Data andInterpretations R Korsch (AGSO), R Glen (GSNSW) et al

Presentation of the 1999 Seismic Data andInterpretations R Korsch (AGSO), R Glen (GSNSW) et al

Gravity Signature of Eastern Lachlan Plutons PLennox (UNSW)

Gravity and Magnetic Modelling N Direen (AGSO)

3D Models of Eastern Lachlan N Archibald (FractalGraphics) et al

·Worming ofthe gravity and magnetic data

·Building the3D geological model

Siluro-Devonian Extension: Jemalong Trough O Raymond(AGSO)

Ar-Ar Dating of Deformational Events R Glen (GSNSW)et al

Mineral Systems Implications in the Eastern Lachlan P Lyons (AGSO) et al

New Products on Forbes Sheet P Lyons (AGSO)

GSNSW Future Directions T Tyne (GSNSW)


FIELD TRIP FRIDAY, 9 MARCH 2001 (8.00 AM 3.00PM)


The workshop will be followed by aone-day field trip on Friday, 9 March. The field trip will probably be in thevicinity of seismic line 97AGSEL2 to the east of Orange, and we will examinethe geological units in this area that were crossed by the seismic lines.Seismic line 97AGSEL2 crossed the Mumbil Shelf, the Godolphin Fault and thewestern part of the Hill End Trough, and ran to the north of the Lewis Pondsdeposit.






7-9MARCH 2001

Ex-Services Club, Orange, NSW

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