Subject: ASEG NSW Branch Meeting – Wednesday 20 September 2006

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 10:15:39 +1000


Dear ASEG Member,  

The next meeting of the NSW Branch of the ASEG will be held at 5:30 pm for a 6:00 pm start on Wednesday 20th September 2006 at The Rugby Club, Rugby Place, Sydney CBD.
Members of the Sydney Mineral Exploration Discussion Group (SMEDG) have been invited to attend.


Encom Technology Pty Ltd are generously sponsoring an open bar on the evening.

Dr David Pratt (Managing Director, Encom Technology Pty Ltd) will be leading the presentation: 


3D as a collaboration environment for geologists and geophysicists 


Everything we do in exploration is ultimately focused on deciding where to drill the next batch of holes.  The decision is based upon a lot of excellent science in project generation, data collection, processing and interpretation, but how good is the decision to drill? 


Geophysicists focus on the task of understanding the distribution of subsurface physical properties with the objective of building a 3D understanding of the geology. Often our presentation of this information is far from the reality of the geologists understanding of the subsurface. Our proposition is that there is only one suite of rocks beneath the surface and although we may see them with different eyes we must reconcile our differences to achieve effective drillhole targeting. 


3D visualization of the geological and geophysical data, models, maps, sections and interpretations provides us with the best way of understanding the information and its limitations. Just as image processing had a large impact on exploration, 3D interactive visualization will allow us to drive better drilling decisions. 


The presentation will provide live demonstrations of examples from Broken Hill, Copper Hill, and Ernest Henry in Australia, San Nicolas in Mexico and a groundwater exploration in Botswana.


Further details are available from the Branch web site:

Suggestions for (or interest in presenting at) future NSW Branch meetings are welcomed.
Glenn Wilson
Secretary, NSW Branch of the ASEG
Phone  02 9490 5416