After numerous requests from members, the AIG now has the issue – Resolution of Native Title as and Impediment to Exploration and Mining listed as the No1 priority for the Australian Geoscience Council (AGC). We hope to get it onto the agenda for FASTS Federation of Australian Science and Technology Societies before the Science meets Parliament function in 2002.

We have people willing to lobby for us BUT we are being asked what the problems really are. I cannot use the stories I am given in the pub.

I am appealing to members to provide me with written Case Studies, of a page or so, which delineate instances of Native Title problems as an impediment to exploration and mining, hopefully with meaningful suggestions as to how these problems could be rectified. While I’d like authors to identify themselves so that I can ensure that these case studies are valid, I will remove any identification from these case studies before I pass them on.

The AIG is Supporting Geoscientists, but sometimes needs your help to do so!

Greg Corbett