I am a Mining Engineering student at the University of NSW. From time to time I have used the DMR library to gain a better understanding of concepts within the course and for research on major projects. I find the staff highly qualified and very understanding. Moving the library to Maitland would greatly hinder students in the fields of Mining and Geology. How many normal librarians can understand the concepts of longwall shearers or at least have material on that subject?

The only university course for mining engineering is in Sydney, not Maitland, and l can’t begin to tell you how many geology courses there are in Sydney.

I believe a library is for research, study and gaining extra knowledge. University students are the future of their respective industries.

I understand that moving the department will create more jobs in Maitland. But, if there are no more Mining Engineering students, there will be no mining industry and therefore places like Maitland will no longer exist.

Currently within the industry of Mining engineering there are declining numbers of student studying to become mining engineers. Because of this, the current students have a greater responsibility placed on their shoulders to become more efficient and highly qualified. Moving the DMR library will greatly affect our ability to do so.

This issue must be looked at from a student perspective, it must also look to the future, not just 2-3 years down the road.


Email “G.R.” here July 2003