This popular course on electrical and induced polarisation methods of geophysics, is targetted for geologists in industry, and for geophysicists who need an update in current practice.

This year, a special segment on the use of EM for salinity mapping has been added, due to recent interest in these applications.

The course presenter is Dr Michael Asten (Flagstaff Geo-Consultants and Monash University), who has given the course thirty times over 10 years and four continents, to exploration Companies and university MSc students. This course is offered through the Victorian Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences (VIEPS).

Dr Asten was formerly a Principal Geophysicist and Snr Principal Research Scientist with BHP, who pioneered many innovations in electrical methods into BHPs mineral exploration practice.

Course Duration: 2 days
Dates: May 21 and 22
Venue: Department of Earth Sciences, Monash University


The course is a two-day workshop-style course aiming to introduce geologists/ processors/technicians to current geophysical exploration methodologies in ground, borehole and airborne electromagnetic exploration, induced polarization and Controlled-Source Audio-magneto-telluric (CSAMT) methods. This last method also has significant applications in basin studies and petroleum exploration. Issues covered include fixed-loop, moving-loop and sounding methods for reconnaissance and detail surveys, borehole surveys for target location and/or definition of geometry, and considerations where conductive overburden is present. Emphasis is on time-domain EM methods, but VLF and ground FEM (Max-Min) methods can be included. The course incorporates ground and airborne (GEOTEM) case histories from vms, sedex, copper-gold porphyry-copper, and salinity-study prospects, plus examples where electrical methods have complemented seismic methods in basin studies. Participants have an opportunity to perform basic interpretations on ground, borehole and airborne data.


Min – 6; Max – 20, preferred number of participants is 12

Course Fees:

VIEPS Students ~ $50 (for course notes, including colour images) Other Students $150 Industry $500

Further information from Lorry Ryan, Secretary, VIEPS_

Ph: (61-3) 9905 1530 Fax: (61-3) 9905 4903

email: Lorry Ryan


Michael Asten

Flagstaff GeoConsultants,

ph 03 9421 1077 fax 03 9421 1099

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