To the SMEDG Community and Visitors:

Gold Report is trying to raise public/investor awareness in the Australian gold sector (I know, so have you for 5 years). We are going to write a series of newspaper articles on the sector, over the next 12 months. My starting idea is of a 5 part piece:

Part 1 – The Australian Gold Industry – generally explaining the industry

Part 2 – The Exploration Process – explaining how companies go about finding gold

Part 3 – The Successful Strategies – what companies did to become successful

Part 4 – The Unsuccessful Strategies – what companies did to burn cash and become duds

Part 5 – The Industry’s Future – where the industry is going and what’s needed for success

These articles need to be very candid, up-front and honest to build confidence in the industry.

Any feedback on extra parts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. (I’m sure you all have lots of ideas about part 5)

Cheers, Rod Holden

Send your comments and thoughts to Rod Holden at Gold Report (please supply name, phone, email)

April 2002