Concluding Comments by KEN MAIDEN (SMEDG-AIG Poet Laureate)


First we heard from Pete Vanderspuy<
Who titillated us with fore-play
Baaie dankie, Meneer
It’s great that you’re here
Pete always has plenty to say


Jack Parry gave his observations
On strategy for all corporations
If you go to your client
With a high value giant
You’re sure to receive acclamations


Dave Timms’ talk was very appealing
He spoke of both digging and dealing
But if you’re in a big drought
You could then go without
The juniors – Oh, what a feeling


Bob Gunthorpe then made his submission
And exploration is in his tradition
But when discovery’s all quiet
You must then go and buy it –
It’s a great way to grow – acquisition


Tom Eadie then held our attention
But one thing he just didn’t mention
‘Cause this made me think
If you don’t find your zinc
You’d have to retire on a pension


MIM sent a geophysician
With electrical juxtaposition
And if everything fails
He can go back to Wales
To practise his old superstition


Alf Aggo then talked about data
And it seems to get greater and greater
But you need that precision
To make the decision
To explore at the pole or equator


Allen Trench then came to the fore
And talked about how to find ore
And it matters not whether
You wear out boot leather
But whether you increase your score


For Goldfields, there’s no shilly-shally
‘Cause they’ve quickly increased their tally
Out in Western Australia
Where they’re not used to failure
They’ve now started mining at Raleigh


Billiton picks the small companies at leisure
“We’ll back you, it’s only a pleasure”
But we now understand
That it’s all been well planned
To take over our national treasure


Though Gympie’s a well-known address
It’s been bloody hard to assess
So when you hear Gympie
Don’t think it’s all wimpy
This one’s a stunning success


The Newcrest talk was sensatious
And their programme was really tenacious
They picked up a sleeper
And then they drilled deeper
Klondyke at Cracow – good gracious


The Thunderbox case history showed
How to find a big gold-bearing lode
Though the man from Dalrymple
Made it all sound so simple
Good focus, sound work – that’s the code


Then Greg Hall’s presentation
30 years chasing mineralisation
It’s not always a breeze
‘Cause they’re moving his cheese –
Why did we all choose this vocation?




Today has been most interesting
There’s lots of ideas for digesting
Now go to your bankers
Who are a bunch of very nice people
And tell them to please start investing


So that’s it, that’s exploration
Strategy, technology, innovation
I’ll finish up here
So you can go for a beer
And indulge in some quiet conversation