Joint AusIMM and IEAust Event Release


21st September 200

Dockside Function Centre, Cockle Bay, Sydney

The tone of the conference will be set by the Department of Mineral Resources who will open the day by discussing the current regulatory parameters and providing an insight as to where future legislation may trend in the next round of legislative changes.

Middle and senior management from across the Australian Minerals, Quarrying and Tunneling Industries cannot afford to miss this conference. It is designed to keep you abreast of current thinking from a cross section of experts at the regulatory, legal, consulting and practioner level of the industry.


This conference aims to promote awareness to managers at the corporate and operating level that have the responsibility of managing these operations and investing in future projects whilst maintaining the highest standards in the current regulatory framework.


How clear is your understanding of duty of intent.

This is more than just duty of care. It gets to the centre of responsibility for a company. It asks how after all due current legislative requirements and procedures, induction and preventative training, do you communicate and consult on this critical area of the operation to the workforce and external service providers on an ongoing basis.  How will all the existing systems and procedures stack-up when there is an unfortunate event. Will it demonstrate a well thought through system and appropriate attitudes across the workforce and management teams. These are the very difficult questions that have to be asked at the corporate and operating levels!


The conference will commence with key speakers from the Department of Mineral Resources. To follow will come legal, industry and union representatives expressing their thoughts on the issues. In the afternoon, a series of specialists and industry operators will give specific examples and findings. A cocktail party will close the day allowing delegates to discuss the conference issues with established and newly acquired contacts.


Early bird fees

AusIMM and IEAust Members $395 Non
AusIMM and IEAust Retired Members $225 Student $100


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Telephone: 02 9262 2277

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