Mineral Exploration, Geoscientist Unemployment and the Queensland State Election

7th February 2001


The AIG Queensland Branch has sent out a letter to every candidate in the upcoming state election. The letter deals with the downturn in Queensland exploration, geoscientist unemployment, land access, and funding for the Department of Mines and Energy. An additional letter, directed to the major parties and requesting information on their resources policies, will be sent out today. Individual AIG members have also sent letters to their local newspapers, and Christine Brown (a Brisbane-based geologist) was interviewed by the Courier Mail as a result of an excellent letter she sent to the newspaper.

Copies of letters, and the Courier Mail article, are available on an AIG website devoted to the Qld election: http://www.aig.asn.au/queensland_election.htm

AIG Qld Branch has already started to receive responses from candidates in response to the letter. We plan to summarise the responses we receive from parties and candidates and post them on the web site. If you think it’s important that these issues are brought to the attention of our aspiring state politicians, and the public, please take the time to write a letter yourself – to your local newspaper / your local candidates / the minister and shadow minister / the premier and opposition leader.

If you need some facts and figures, numbers for geoscientist unemployment
are included in the AIG letters, and also at: http://www.aig.asn.au/geoscientist_employment_jan_2001.htm

Facts and figures on exploration and mining are included in AIG fact sheets at: http://www.aig.asn.au/fact.htm.

The latest available figures on Queensland’s export revenues are given below(in 1998/99 coal and mineral exports contributed 39% of Qld’s export earnings). Most of the candidates, and the public, probably don’t realise that a downturn in exploration expenditure not only affects geologists, but also all the other professions and businesses that work within the industry. So it’s important that not only geologists make themselves heard, but that other businesses (analytical labs, drilling companies, equipment suppliers, field service suppliers etc) also let people know how they’re being affected.

Some of you live interstate and are probably wondering why I’m sending you this as you can’t vote in the Qld election (but, if you’d like to vote, in the true tradition of Qld hospitality you could probably get someone to rustle you up a couple of local addresses). However, if you have Qld EPM applications in the queue, it may be useful to send a note to candidates or the Minister and Shadow Minister, letting them know about the money you would like to invest in Queensland if only you could get your applications granted.

So please – send a (polite) letter. Or call your local candidates.

Addresses for the Minister and Shadow Minister for Mines and Energy are:

Queensland Minister for Mines and Energy
MCGRADY Hon. Anthony (Tony)

Mount Isa MP (ALP)

Minister’s Office, Brisbane, Tel: (07) 3224 7557

Mt Isa Electorate Office Tel: 4743 5149 Fax: 4743 3386

Mt Isa Trades and Labour Council Building,

74 Camooweal Street, Mount Isa QLD 4825

PO Box 2332, Mount Isa QLD 4825

Email: Mount.Isa@parliament.qld.gov.au


Cloncurry Office Tel: 4742 2530 Fax: 4742 2524

27 Ramsay Street, Cloncurry QLD 4824

Email: Mount.Isa.Cloncurry@parliament.qld.gov.au


Shadow Minister for Mines and Energy

SEENEY Jeffrey William (Jeff)


Callide Tel: 4992 2475 Fax: 4992 3189

64 Callide Street, Biloela QLD 4715

PO Box 559, Biloela QLD 4715

Email: Callide@parliament.qld.gov.au


QLD EXPORT REVENUE 98/99 $million & (% of total revenue)

Meat $1901 (9%)

Other rural $2149 (10%)

Tourism $1867 (8%)

Other services $3277 (15%)

Coal $5519 (26%)Ores & metals $2697 (13%)

Other manufacturers $1214 (6%)

Rest $2719 (13%)

TOTAL $21343 (100%)

(Source: Queensland Mining Council)



Kaylene Camuti

AIG Qld Branch Committee


Lantana Exploration Pty Ltd

Box 5046 Mail Centre

Townsville, Queensland 4810


Ph: 61 7 4772 5296

Fax: 61 7 4772 5276