The 66th Sydney Mining Club Meeting


with the support of

Ausenco, GPR Dehler, HSBC & Outokumpu


Thursday, July 3rd at 12.30 p.m.



Magnesium International CEO

Gordon Galt


“Magnesium on a Knife-Edge”

The stakes of a central South Australian magnesium deposit, a Port Pirie refinery proposed and their owner Magnesium International (MIL) this month took a sudden hike when the competing Central Queensland Australian Magnesium Corporation (AMC) project dropped to its knees.

Man’s industrial evolution is defined by metals – bronze, steel, aluminium, & silicon. The next metal to redefine our world could be magnesium. Analysts already see a looming production shortfall of 200,000tpa of magnesium, and with precious few new magnesium projects arising, whether or not AMC falls right to the mat has world wide implications. They are felt nowhere more than at Gordon Galts office at MIL where assessments as to whether AMCs represents an MIL opportunity, or a collateral threat, change with every morning paper. From Gordon’s point of view a market imperative just got more imperative. He stresses the 1915 foundations of the Dow process MIL has tied down and the fact that Theiss will carry a good proportion of process rectification cost over-runs to distinguish from AMC. The shortfall is 200,000tpa, MIL plans to do 80,000tpa and AMC was to do 90,000tpa. The driver is manufacturer mandates for Greenhouse efficient automobiles. The world wants the metal but who wants to be first? It’s a fascinating current affairs scenario and Gordon Galt will present an up to the moment account. MIL are filling a placement, tweaking some drawings and getting in front of a lot of people. The game is in play don’t miss it.


Julian Malnic RSVP Tuesday prior


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The Forum is held at the Tattersalls Club at 181 Elizabeth St, Sydney (adjoining the Sheraton on the Park). There has been a relaxation of dress rules at the Tattersalls Club and ties and jackets are no longer required but men must wear long trousers and a smart collared shirt.

Thank you for supporting your Sydney Mining Club and for your interest in the current affairs and issues that drive our industry.

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