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Subject: Mt Isa Inlier Geotour Program and Registration August 13-19 2005

Quote: “Your field trip last year (2004) will always be a highlight”

Craig MacDougall, on the eve of his return to Canada, reflecting on 8 years in Australia for Noranda/Falconbridge. (Craig – best wishes to you – you will always be welcome back in Oz as a class act)


GEOTOUR 13 AUGUST TO 19 AUGUST 2005 Lead time 6 weeks, limited places  !!

Please forward to interested parties.

Please reserve a place on the Mt Isa Geotour by turning this email around to  



Contact details:

Fellow Geologists !!

Please find enclosed details of my Geotour for 2005.  All geology and mine visits are of considerable quality, and most have been confirmed.  Places are limited however, and should you be interested to attend, simply forward this email to me with details of name(s) of those wishing to attend, and company address and contact details.

DATE:  Saturday 13 August to Friday 19 August 2005 – home for the weekend as they say.

PROGRAM:   The geotour includes good coverage of spectacular regional geology covering both the western and eastern successions.

As a bonus to this, various companies have approved inspection of operating mines and prospects, which can be placed in the regional geology context. Current state of mine visit requests is as follows:


Xstrata Mt Isa – examine the new open  pit mining Pb-Zn – CONFIRMED
Noranda – Lady Loretta Pb Zn;  CopperCo – Lady Annie Cu and Mt Kelly Cu – request pending
Aditya Birla – Mt Gordon/Gunpowder/ Mammoth operations – will visit the area regardless of mine visit approval
XStrata Cloncurry – Ernest Henry  CONFIRMED
BHP  Billiton – Cannington CONFIRMED
Exco – Mt Margaret Cu-Au-Fe project, Cloncurry Cu  CONFIRMED
Breakaway Resources – Altia Pb-Zn – request pending
Ivanhoe – Selwyn-Swan areas Cu-Au-Fe CONFIRMED
Summit Resources – Uranium and base metal-Au core inspection CONFIRMED
Mary Kathleen U deposit and environs CONFIRMED


SCHEDULE:  Details remain approximate, but an outline of the program is as follows:
Sat. 13 Aug.  Arrive Isa noon;  local geology Mt Isa Group plus inspect Black star open pit operations- overnight Mt Isa
Sun. 14 Aug. Western succession platformal geology to Lady Loretta Pb-Zn, possibly Lady Annie/Mt Kelly Cu – overnight Mt Isa
Monday 15 August: Gunpowder region – beautiful rift and platform geology, plus visit to Cu at Gunpowder requested- overnight Mt Isa; insert core and hand sample inspection, Summit Resources U plays, Valhalla region, on either of these days.
Tuesday 16 Aug. Highest quality highway traverse from western to eastern succession, including Mary Kathleen U rare-earth skarn deposit. – overnight Cloncurry
Wed. 17 August  Ernest Henry Cu-Au inspection, Monakoff Cu-Au-F ironstones, Exco Resources Cu-Au core Mt Margaret plays, plus local geology  – overnight Cloncurry
Thursday 18 August: Visit Cannington  BHT deposit and Selwyn Cu-Au ironstone areas, possibly Pegmont and regional geology Soldiers Gap group equivalents – overnight Cloncurry
Friday 19 August: Depart Cloncurry for Mt Isa – depart noon for Brisbane and other ports.


SUITABILITY:  The tour is of general appeal to geologists of all ages and experience, but the exposures and the geological story are so rich in content that younger, less experienced geologists are especially urged to attend.


OPERATIONS and LIMITATIONS:  3 hire vehicles maximum (4WD Hire Service etc);  this means that I am looking to attract a minimum of 4 people (1 vehicle), and a maximum of 11 people, plus myself (3 vehicles).  Hire costs are included in the geotour fee. A group of two vehicles and 7-8 people is just about ideal. Generally first in best dressed.


The geotour pricing includes ALL MEALS AND ACCOMMODATION.  As a trial, I am offering this time all SINGLE ROOM accommodation, having personal experience of the interaction of heavy snoring etc and a restful night.  Costs are higher, but not significantly so.


Estimated all-up cost for the geotour is  $2,100 per person. SEND NO MONEY !!!  Invoices will follow in due course.


The tour is ex-Mt Isa, and does not include airfares to and from Mt Isa.  As a guide to current airline scheduling and fares, Brisbane-Mt Isa return fares with Qantas are currently offered at about $230 up to $290 one way, depending on the time of day and date. For the dates above, Qantas  flight 1076 departs Brisbane Saturday 13th August at 8.55am, and Flight 1077 returns  Mt Isa – Brisbane departing Isa 12.10pm.  On Fridays there is a later flight also departing 6pm for Brisbane, but the Geotour will at this stage be programmed to allow departure on the midday flight.


Please contact me as soon as possible if you wish to reserve a place on this Geotour, PROVIDING names and company details and contacts. Participants will be invoiced closer to the tour date in mid-August.


With best wishes

Geoff Derrick
G.M.Derrick and Associates
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